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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Not From Earth
Book 3
Part of the Not From Earth
 SciFi Adventure Series

The continuing saga of James Ripley

This Is Going To Be Wild!







    “Alice!" James Gasped

    “Hello, flyboy."

    “Is this you, Alice? I mean, are you real?” 

    “Yes, it’s me, James. I’m real.”

    “But you died so long ago. How is this possible?”

    “James, you achieved your immortality with the help of those from Andromeda, but look around. You look like a smart guy.” An old comment she used when they first met at the University of Utah. “Do you honestly believe this is all there is?” In your wildest immortal dreams, you could never imagine how mysterious the universe truly is.”

An Abundance of Caution 
The End of Innovation
in America

Release Date 06/24


First, they gave us the Patriot Act to take away our Bill of Rights. Then, they gave us the American Invents Act to take away an innovator's constitutional right to a fair trial.

    The war profiteers and big tech are very good at bribing American Law Makers. That's why I'm writing this book.

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