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Not From Earth
Book One
Part of the Not From Earth ®
 SciFi Adventure Series
What She Likess
  • Well-written and very inventive storyline that is not typical for sci-fi genre.

  • Vivid descriptions that bring alien worlds and cutting-edge technology to life.

  • Strong female protagonist and well-rounded characters that enhance the story.

  • Plot arc involving artificial intelligence (AI) and singularity created by someone with technical competence.

  • Unique and familiar storyline that captivates and engages the reader.

  • Fast-paced and exciting narrative that keeps the reader hooked.

  • Engaging character development and exploration of complex themes.

  • Imaginative and original premise that offers profound insights.

  • Captivating storytelling that draws readers into the sci-fi journey.

  • Good blend of romance, adventure, and interstellar elements.

  • Detailed descriptions of landscapes and characters that enhance the reader's experience.

  • Intriguing opening that sets the stage for a compelling narrative.

Back Cover Blurb

An attractive and intriguing female from a distant advanced world tells James Ripley that he is not human; he's a hybrid of their two species, and the Earth is doomed. James must observe and record the last days of his endangered planet. An epic struggle ensues because of James' love for Earth and the alien's unwillingness to interfere. 

A thrilling plot, an epic romance, and an adventure that spans worlds. Not From Earth takes you on a journey through time and space, from the Moon Landing, Area 51, to Woodstock. It explores our most profound questions regarding AI, Quantum Physics, and Alien Percipience. 


The Oort Cloud is a giant spherical shell surrounding the entire Sol solar system. Oort is a big thick-walled bubble holding trillions of comets. When long-period comets from the cloud approach near-Earth space, they will not return for hundreds of thousands of years. 


Humans cannot observe or predict comets from the Oort because of their vast distance and speed. In 1946, a 93-mile wide comet on a path toward Jupiter encountered a cluster of debris altering its orbit and sending it on a direct collision course with Earth. The comet will strike Earth with such violence that no humans will survive.


An advanced civilization from a distant star system tracked the monster comet with a probe orbiting the sun. To study the collision and record the demise of the Earth civilization, they sent an infant observer who merged with an unborn human fetus. The hybrid would live to see the impact in the year 2035.


Once the hybrid understood his origin and mission, an epic struggle ensued. His love for the Earth conflicted with his primary purpose of observing and recording humanity's final chapter. Interfering with the natural evolution of any species, especially the violent, aggressive ones, is forbidden. 


Not From Earth is the story of a gifted individual born of two worlds. The merging of these two species produced a life form of such hybrid vigor that it bewildered the aliens. Follow his life's journey, filled with adventure, romance, and wonder. 


Official USPTO Notice of Allowance: U.S. Trademark SN 90760401:
®     May 31, 2022

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