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There is a trail on the island of Kauai called the Powerline King Kong trail. An ambitious mountain biker can make their way from the North Shore to the town of Kapaa, passing waterfalls and spectacular mountain sights. One summer, I was biking the Powerline when I encountered an old Monk followed by a beautiful tiger. The Monk, dressed in a red or yellow robe, ran across the trail in front of me. After crossing, he turned and smiled. His teeth were perfect and white. The tiger followed close behind and turned to glance at me as well. Long before the theory of a simulated reality was popular, I believed that something was not right. I would have moments like this encounter with the Monk and the tiger when I felt I was living an illusion.


Perhaps being a computer programmer and familiar with Virtual Reality, the abnormalities piqued my curiosity. I knew it was possible that what we think of as reality could be a computer simulation from somewhere in the future. If we live in a simulated reality, I would like to know about the first Base Reality Civilization. The odds against living in a Base Civilization are billions to one. So I set out, in the Novel BASE Standing on the Edge of Reality, to write about the possibilities and how the first civilization might have reached the stars and survived.  


I hope you enjoy this sci-fi adventure if it is sci-fi.

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