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Robert Adamson


Author and Programmer

From Mountain Biker abductions to extraordinary adventures among the stars, with one alien/human hybrid hoping to save the Earth.

Immerse yourself in this series of riveting encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
Not From Earth Book
Not From Earth®
Volumes 1 & 2
Not From Earth Book 2

A gripping plot, an epic romance, and an adventure that spans worlds. The Not From Earth Series takes you on a journey through time and space, from the Moon Landing, Area 51, to Woodstock. It explores our most profound questions regarding AI, Quantum Physics, and Alien Percipience.

Base Novel

Best Seller

The Edge of Reality

Part of the Not From Earth SciFi Adventure Series

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Base Novel Mockup
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Imagine a massive computer complex in the future from where you explore endless simulated worlds and repeatedly live an entire life anywhere and at any time of your choosing.

But where did it all begin? Where was the first BASE Civilization?

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Not From Earth
Alien Face App
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“Try to imagine life without your imagination”
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