About BASE


BASE is a gripping science fiction adventure novel about Simulated Reality by Rob Adamson, a Software Pioneer. Last Updated Oct 25, 2018.


What if you are living in a Simulation? Computer programmers, the coders, have known for a long time that our reality is probably a computer simulation.


Elon Musk says there is a 'One in a Billions' Chance that Reality is NOT a Simulation. Of the bewildering assortment of Billions of Worlds, there is just one #BaseReality.


Was Earth the first Base Civilization? Did Earth manage to survive and take the first step to the stars? BASE is a must read if you dare enter the rabbit hole. In the tradition of Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code, and the Wachowskis The Matrix, BASE will thrill you with her discontinuity. 


The story begins in a simulation of 21st Century Earth. Find romance and adventure on the Island of Kauai and beyond as the dawning humanity reaches for the stars.