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BASE : Standing on the Edge of Reality is a gripping science fiction adventure novel about Simulated Reality and the first Base Civilization. The author, Robert Adamson, a Software Engineer, is NotFrom.Earth.


What if you are living in a Simulation? Computer programmers have known for some time that our reality is probably a computer simulation.


Elon Musk said there is just a 'One in a Billion' Chance that Reality is NOT a Simulation. That's because there is just one #BaseReality, the civilization where it all began.


Was Earth the first Base Civilization? Did Earth manage to survive and take the first steps to the stars? If you dare, BASE is a must-read. But be warned, this is a rabbit hole. Nevertheless, BASE will thrill you with her discontinuity of the universe.


The best explanation for Quantum Entanglement is that we are living in a Computer Simulation. BASE is about the first civilization to reach for the stars. They built the gateway to endless worlds of the past. There is only one Base Reality.


Einstein and Bohr once had a great debate at the Solvay Conference in Belgium in 1927. Here was a gathering of some of the most intelligent people on Earth. They came to hear Bohr's theory of Quantum versus Einstein's theory of relativity. Years later, using 600-year-old starlight to examine the properties of two entangled photons, scientists proved that Bohr was correct.


Our universe is more like computer data than matter separated by space and time. If nothing can traverse space faster than the speed of light, then instantaneous entanglement would be impossible.


The story of BASE begins in a simulation of 21st Century Earth. You will find romance and adventure on the Island of Kauai as the dawning human civilization reaches for the stars.


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James paused and surveyed the shocked silent press. Then taking his time, he smiled before continuing. "In honor of an ancestor of mine, Robert Louis Stevenson, we named the first starship Hispaniola. We are going treasure hunting, and the treasure we seek is an island in the sky. We intend to explore the wonders of a vast new star system."