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"One of the best books I have ever read!" 

Imagine a massive computer complex in the future from where you explore endless simulated worlds and repeatedly live an entire life anywhere and at any time of your choosing.

But where did it all begin? Where was the first real Base Civilization?

Have you ever felt as if your reality is an illusion—a virtual simulation? Have you ever wondered why we are alone in the universe? BASE is a must-read if you want answers. But be warned, this book is a mind-bender.


Skyler Anderson is a handsome young tour guide sailing the Napali Coast in Kauai. One day, a mysterious, inexplicable rainbow leads him on a journey where he encounters a team of software engineers and scientists secretly working on a solution for interstellar flight. 


He teams up with a beautiful astronomer and finds island romance, friendship, and a breathtaking adventure to the stars.


Yet only one original Base Civilization would be the first. Who was the old Monk who called himself the Keeper of the Gateless Gate? What caused the rainbow aberration? 


What Readers Say

  • Engaging and enthralling narrative that delves deep into philosophical questions about reality and the universe

  • Well-developed characters with unique personalities and motivations that add depth to the story

  • Skillful storytelling and vivid imagery that transports readers to unknown dimensions and galaxies

  • Thought-provoking themes that combine excitement and introspection seamlessly

  • Accessibility and engrossing nature of the narrative, making it easy for readers to become emotionally invested in the characters

  • Blend of action-packed sequences with moments of discovery that keep readers engaged

  • Gripping narrative that pushes the boundaries of human perception and physical reality

  • Compelling exploration of the nature of reality and the human mind

  • Intriguing storyline that expands the mind and challenges readers' perspectives

  • Captivating world-building techniques that create a thrilling and mind-bending adventure

  • Unique premise that brings together science fiction, philosophical discussions, and metaphysical concepts

  • Likable characters and well-paced narrative that keep readers hooked

  • Imaginative and imaginative storytelling that transports readers to extraordinary worlds

  • Engaging narrative construction and well-developed characters that offer a refreshing escapade into science fiction


On Writing BASE


I wrote BASE: The Edge of Reality because I experienced a glitch in the universe. There has been an increased interest in the simulation theory, so I cleaned up the manuscript and published the 2nd addition this year in 2022.
There is a magical trail on the island of Kauai called the Powerline King Kong trail. Ambitious mountain bikers can travel from the North Shore to the South Shore, enjoying giant waterfalls, spectacular mountain views, and wild animals and birds. 

One summer, I was biking the Powerline alone when I entered a mysterious vortex—a glitch in reality. I encountered an old Monk flashing across the trail in front of me with a beautiful tiger following close behind. There are no tigers on Kauai. The Monk wore a red robe that alternated from yellow to red.


After crossing, he turned and smiled. Suddenly all was silent—not even the sound of birds. His perfect sparkling white teeth betrayed his age. The tiger glanced at me as well. Then they were gone, and everything was back to normal. 

Perhaps being a computer programmer and familiar with Virtual Reality, the abnormalities piqued my curiosity. I knew it was possible that what we think of as reality could be a computer simulation from somewhere in the future. If we live in a simulated reality, I would like to know about the first Base Reality Civilization and those that built the simulator.
The odds against living in a Base Civilization are billions to one. So I set out, in the Novel BASE, to write about how the first civilization might have reached the stars and survived.  

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