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hacking the universe
Live Forever
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This will blow your mind!


While researching simulated reality, I discovered that Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to hack the universe to the prior level. They believe they can live forever. Here's a preview of a short story I published on Amazon. 

Ongoing investigation!

Amazon Best Seller

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Hacking the Universe is an investigation that just might expose the biggest story of all time. Silicon Valley Billionaires have secret plans to live forever.

If we are living in a simulation, as they believe, hacking the simulation changes everything. The ramifications of such a hack are mind-boggling. Programmers could change the very laws of physics and reality. Time travel, aging, and instant transportation are all possible because those things are just code and data.

** Excerpts **


Imagine a new startup that offers on-sight virtual reality tours. You enter their futuristic building by the San Francisco Bay and select a destination in time and place. You choose Ancient Rome. Next, you buy your ticket, and they dress you with their latest Simulated Reality equipment. Suddenly, you find yourself standing by the original Flavian Amphitheater in the center of ancient Rome and your adventure begins.


Einstein and Bohr had a great debate at The Solvay Conference in Belgium in 1927. Here was a gathering of some of the most intelligent people on Earth.

Bohr was right. Our universe is more like computer data than matter, separated by space and time. If nothing can traverse space faster than the speed of light, then instantaneous entanglement would be impossible.


Hacking the Universe occasionally reaches #1 on Amazon in Computer Simulation and Computers & Technology. 

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